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A few weeks have gone by since my last post and I’ve loaded up on some more tools that I’ve gotten at area auctions. I have so many tools that I need to clean and restore that I should just rename my blog MVFlaim Toolrestorer.  As you can see, I have a fetish for hand planes.

 photo 20141114_185254.jpg

 photo 20141117_200900.jpg

 photo 20141117_200917.jpg

 photo 20141117_200926.jpg

I’ve been spending so much of my free time cleaning all these tools that I haven’t really had anything to blog about woodworking wise. However, my wife wants me to build some cabinets in our dining room, so I should have something new in the coming weeks. That, and my friend and I have been talking about building a CNC machine during the winter. Stay tuned.