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I received the latest issue of Fine Woodworking today and noticed a familiar layout to its front cover. It reminded me of when I first started subscribing back in the ’90’s.

 photo 20160728_210945.jpg

The editor’s column stated that they released this special issue to subscribers after receiving feedback that a lot of them miss the old days of Fine Woodworking. The newsstand version will look more like their current issues with the front cover with a full color photo.

I skimmed the articles in the magazine and my favorite so far is Steve Latta’s reclaiming an old window’s glass pane for a new cabinet, however, the other articles look good as well.

I just recently started to subscribe back to Fine Woodworking after a seven-year absence. I’m glad they’re trying to  revamp the magazine back to where it was. Now if they would just bring back their woodworking forum Knots.