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Last week, my wife and I went to the Biltmore Estate again for the fourth or fifth time. If you’ve never been there, there’s a little village on the estate where you can visit a farm, workshops and the ever important winery. Every other time we’ve been to Biltmore, we spent too much time at the house and the winery that by the time we arrived at the village, the workshops were closed. This year we decided to see the village before we headed inside the winery.

 photo 20161018_172721.jpg

I took some quick shots of the blacksmith shop and the tools they use. After I took these pictures, the blacksmith came back and showed us how he made coat hooks with a rose on the top (sorry, no pic). It was late in the day, so all the anvil work was done, he was simply polishing them up on a wire wheel. Biltmore sells these coat hooks in their gift shop for $42.00 each, but they sell as soon as he’s done making them.

 photo 20161018_172522.jpg

If you’ve never used a blacksmith vise, you need to get one. I use on in my workshop and they are far superior than a table top machinist vise.

 photo 20161018_172520.jpg

Not sure of the weight, but it looks like a 300 lb anvil. He had a smaller one in his shop right next to this one.

 photo 20161018_172511.jpg

The overall working space of his shop was about 10′ x 15′

 photo 20161018_172504.jpg

Right next door to the blacksmith shop was the woodworking shop.

 photo 20161018_172723.jpg

Inside was a bunch of tools I’ve seen before except for this cool little foot powered mortise machine.

 photo 20161018_172631.jpg

The woodworker wasn’t around so I don’t know what his responsibilities are for Biltmore. He could just make things for the gift shop, or he may do some repair work around the estate.

 photo 20161018_172623.jpg

The majority of the tools were old, but he did use electricity. I couldn’t really see what was inside the tool chest on the right.

 photo 20161018_172606.jpg

By the looks of these planes, I question whether or not he uses them, or if they are there just for show. A little too much dust and cobwebs on them for my taste.

 photo 20161018_172646.jpg

A newer lathe sat in front of the older one. He spent his day making these turn of the century ball in the cup toys.

 photo 20161018_172558.jpg

 photo 20161018_172613.jpg

If you ever get a chance to go to the Biltmore Estate, make sure you give yourself enough time to visit the village before you head into the winery and get drunk like we did. haha