My wife and I have our own business, Flaim Design Co, where we sell antique, vintage and hand made home decor items in two locations in the Cincinnati area. We started this business a couple of years ago when we combined both of our businesses into one. She was Bella Chic Decor, and I was MVFlaim Furnituremaker. Together we are Flaim Design Co.





Around the age of thirteen, I started collecting antique tools. When visiting my grandparents in Detroit, MI, I would always hang out in my grandpa’s garage. He was a mechanic who restored old cars like Model T’s and had a 1919 Maxwell in his garage that I thought was the coolest thing on earth. My grandfather seeing that I had an interest in woodworking, gave me a few his tools he never used. The first tool he gave me was an old hand cranked drill press that I still own today. While staying with my grandparents for a few weeks during the summer, they would take me to area flea markets to find some bargains for themselves. Extremely bored, I decided to look around for some old tools to add to my budding collection of hand tools. After a few purchases of hand planes, I became an antique tool collector. Today I sell antique tools on ebay.

This is my tool cabinet full of antique tools that I use on a daily basis. I update it about once a year and replace some of the old tools with new tools I recently purchased. As it stands today it holds over 200 tools, most of them being antique.



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Mike Flaim


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Super nice tool cabinet. Any chance you would send me some close up shots of how the bench planes are held in place? I hung mine from strings knowing that one day I would “upgrade” to something like you have there. I’m glad you found my blog.

    1. The planes sit in wooden holders on the top and bottom I customized for each size of plane. They lay still in the cabinet with a simple wooden lever with a screw drilled through it. I simply turn the lever to the side to release the plane. Some smaller planes, like the block planes, are held to the cabinet with rare earth magnets. I need to update the cabinet with new tools so look for a blog about it in the coming weeks.

  2. Cars and trucks ….nice work for that age…..And an interesting point…I was a IA Major ,thats how I got my start in furniture making,about 55 years ago and I am still at it.

  3. You already are a shop teacher, your blog is your school and your visitors are your students. Regret what you haven’t achieved, but from what I have seen on your blog, there’s nothing to regret.

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